Oil & Gas Division

Fuel Filtration System

The Filtration / Polisher is designed to circulate and clean fuel stored diesel fuel at critical facilities. Filtration / Polishing has become an important aspect of emergency power reliability:

  1. Critical facilities store increasing amounts of fuel onsite to assure continuity of operation and this fuel has low turnover in operation.
  2. As diesel fuel ages, particulates form which can increase the wear on generator engine and boilers parts.
  3. Fuel storage tanks accumulate water through vapor condensation and this water can encourage bacterial growth.
  4. Newer diesel engines with improved emissions technology require higher purity fuel to prolong engine life.

The control panel operates the pump on a programmable timed cycle to circulate fuel from the storage tank through the filter and returning to the storage tank. The unit can be operated with a tank selection system to provide filtration for multiple tank units.

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