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Leading The Way In Natural Gas and Real Estate

Global Group, founded in 1985 is a leading LPG production, distribution and transportation company providing natural gas solutions to residential and corporate customers. Our vision is to provide the best natural gas solutions to our customers to make their life full of comfort. Apart from natural gas production and supplies, global group has expertise in providing HVAC, MEC, Food industry and real estate industry. 

What is it that makes Global Group different from other ambitious, independent Groups and Companies in the same sector? The secret lies in our rare combination of commercial agility and trusted professionalism. We are quick and responsive in recognizing opportunities yet thorough and principled in how we approach them.

Founded in 1985 by a talented and extremely hard-working young entrepreneur, we have inherited a valuable heritage in our business and benefit from a world-class team. We all share the keen entrepreneurial spirit and operating principles of our founder. Today, Global Group continues the same style of management based on mutual trust with clients which augment its status in the market. We have always been at the forefront of the adoption of new ideas and techniques to improve efficiency, provide more rapid execution while ensuring high safety standards

Geographically, we have focused majorly in the U.A,E market with an eye on the Middle East, Europe and North America where we have strong relationships and an excellent reputation. We are continually inspired by new emerging opportunities and are highly motivated to work together to realize their future potential

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