Food & Beverages Division

Global Group ventured into the food & beverage division in 2015 by starting our own brand “Boti Street Restaurant”. Boti Street is a Desi Truck Art themed restaurant, serving botilicious BBQ and Karahis.

Treat your taste buds with the unforgettable taste of Boti marinated Barbecued Kebabs, Sizzling Mix Grill Platters, Karahis, Handis, Biryani, Pulao, our unique Desi Chinese and much more! Add to the delicious experience by pairing your main courses with our in-house built clay oven baked freshly prepared Naans & Tandoori Rotis, and our huge Tawa (Pan) prepared fresh Chapatis & Paratha.Our focus is not only on the quality of our products and services, but equally on the provision of a relaxed, welcoming and open atmosphere that you can enjoy with your friends and family!

Indulge into nostalgic flavors of the sub-continent (or Desi as we call it) as you relax and enjoy the colorful ambiance of Pakistan’s Truck-Art themed interior.
From refreshing music and delicious food to professional staff and casual relaxing interior, Boti Street is all about offering you a flavor of cultural aesthetics and traditional cuisines from all corners of Pakistan and Northern India.
Bring your friends and family at our diner to experience a blend of drool-worthy traditional dishes and vibrant environment for an unforgettable dining experience at our restaurant.

For more information, kindly visit or call 02-6213363.

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